Saturday, 22 September 2012

Friend or Boyfriend??? *(0_o)*

         Friend or boyfriend??? It’s complicated. In this entry, I want to share something that related in my life. Maybe there is something that people can take as a lesson on how to appreciate the other people in their life.

           Maybe it’s too early or too young for me to face or talk about this, but it really happens to me. There is someone who came to my life and always makes me laugh. We lost contact for a while. And when he back to me, we became more than a friend.  He gave me whatever I want as long as it will make me happy. I love him so much but I do not know how to show my love to him. What I have done is just hurting him again and again. I did not mean to do that. 

         He always listens to what I have said. He will do anything for me and never care about himself. I still remember the day that I really want to meet him. His house is a quite far from mine. It takes about one hour. The weather at that time is not good.  I always yell at him. I angry when he late. But I only want him to know that I really miss him. I only think at him all the day. That’s why I want to see and meet him.  But, by only angry is look like I do not give any respect to him. Its look like I’m very rude to someone that really loves me. I’m really sorry.

         Sometimes I feel annoy with him and I think being a friend is better. But he refuses and he is very patient with me. I always think to be his friend only. this is because I feel tired sometimes. I think be his friend is better because there are no hard feeling, no quarrel and no one will get hurt. But now I’m regret. He left me already. We can’t even be a friend. If I can go back to my past time, I really want to give the best treat to him. I will listen to him. It’s really hurt for me to pretend that I’m happy. When we lost the person that nice to us, it’s no more regret. Try to appreciate people who love us and appreciate what he has done only for us!!!